Software Packages

Trendex distributes, supports, and provides installation and training on the following software packages.


UnForm is a powerful document enhancement tool that seamlessly integrates with the Trendex application system. Users can print all forms - such as orders, invoices, statements, purchase orders, etc. - on blank paper using a laser printer. With UnForm, company logos can be added to the forms as well as shaded regions, boxes, and different fonts.

Sample Trendex Invoice made with UnForm

Sample Trendex Invoice made with UnForm


VSI-FAX is a UNIX based fax software package that enables users can fax and e-mail reports, purchase orders, quotes, statements, invoices, and orders directly from the Trendex software. Users will also be able to view and print a log of all fax and e-mail transmissions.

* UnForm is a registered trademark of Synergetic Data Systems, Inc. (SDSI).
* VSI-FAX is a trademark of Esker.