Our Company

Trendex was formed as a software development and service organization. As a service organization (established in 1984) we are dedicated to providing the best possible support to our present and future customers. Our solutions are designed to minimize manual work whenever possible and to leave room for future expansion as the needs of our customers grow. Our basic philosophy as a software developer is that a commercial or industrial integrated software package is never completely finished, it can always be further enhanced. Trendex is committed to listen to the real needs and problems of our customers, and provide them with a solution.

Flexibility is key in business today. Over the years, our extremely energetic and professional team of analysts, programmers and support staff has been asked to solve many complex problems by our customers, and they have always found solutions to every problem, even if this meant learning a completely new area of the computer field which we were not specializing in before. We look forward to these challenges and we will always strive to diversify in whichever direction our customers’ business leads them.

Trendex has customers across North America. Software support for all our customers is made possible by communicating via the internet directly from our Head Office in Montreal, Canada.

All Trendex software is developed in our Montreal office and meets the needs of the North American market. As new and more efficient ways of manufacturing and distribution evolve, so will our software. Trendex is committed to look out for the needs of North American businesses as it moves to a more open and global arena.

Trendex Head Offices

Trendex is a member of the following organizations:

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